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The Blockade Runner - A Historical Novel

Based on the true adventures of Thomas E. Taylor during the American Civil War.

Few Americans realize the extent of England’s involvement with the Confederacy. From raiders like Shenandoah and Florida to blockade runners like Banshee II, Condor, Night Hawk and Robert E. Lee, the Confederate Navy was largely built, commanded and manned by Englishmen.

Additionally, a large portion of Confederate weapons, uniform cloth, food, medical supplies, ammunition and other materials were created in England and crossed the Atlantic on blockade runners, most flying the British flag.

Early in the war, pro-South sympathies ran high among British citizens. England teetered on the verge of recognizing the Confederacy, a step that likely would have resulted in Southern independence.

But midway the war, Stonewall Jackson’s untimely death and Lee’s defeat at Gettysburg combined to create doubts about the final outcome. England’s parliament questioned the wisdom of backing a pro-slavery government that might fail in its bid for independence. From that point, the possibility of recognition by England faded. Read More...

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Thank you for your interest in my work. My name is Preston Nuttall and I write Civil War historical novels and collect original Civil War artifacts. Please browse the top navigation links for more information. I have completed historical novels and currently researching several stories as possible material for future books. The covers of my books that are currently available appear below. For a brief description of each, please click on "Book cover."

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