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A Story of War and Faith and the Men of the Confederate Naval Academy

Fall, 1861. The country has entered a deadly civil war. From bases at Hampton Roads and elsewhere, warships of the powerful Federal Navy patrol the southern coast enforcing a naval blockade against the South. In Virginia’s Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries, Union gunboats search for supplies destined for the rebel army.

Raids on farms, plantations and towns along the rivers and inlets are commonplace. When a gunboat ascends the Mattaponi River and raids the Amish farm of the Buckner family, Jacob Buckner’s long-standing doubts about “turning the other cheek” reach the boiling point.

The resulting chain of events leads Jacob into the Confederate Navy, where he finds himself estranged from his family and exposed to a world of bloodshed, killing, romance and betrayal as far removed from his simple Amish life as he could possibly imagine. Survival depends on his inner strength and teachings – the very teachings he has rejected.


Thank you for your interest in my work. My name is Preston Nuttall and I write Civil War historical novels and collect original Civil War artifacts. Please browse the top navigation links for more information. I have completed historical novels and currently researching several stories as possible material for future books. The covers of my books that are currently available appear below. For a brief description of each, please click on "Book cover."

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